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2 Additional Pre-Fab Systems

To increase our customers options in materials we have tested and added the ability to machine both Dess & Medentica Pre-Face cobalt chrome to our library of prefabricated abutments.

Angulated Drilling

In the past to machine angulated drillings required the purchase of expensive 3rd party software to machine them. Now Dental CAM 7 includes the tools to machine angulated drillings, the software even automatically detects them and applies the correct tools to machine them effectively.

Able Redefine Cavities and Drillings

In the past when a file was poorly designed or had undetectable edges and drillings, this resulted in a required redesign of the object. Dental CAM 7 now has tools that allow you to manually define and edit both cavities and drillings without having to redesign the object.

Material List Display Customization

Dental CAM 7 now has the option of showing just the materials that you want to show, this makes the interface more simple and easy to use on a day to day basis.


Based on user feedback, Dental CAM 7 now allows you to create new jobs and use dental CAM while Jobs are still calculating, no more need to process just one job at a time or wait for a job to complete before getting back to work on the next. By this it is possible to reduce down time.

Grinding Silent Mode

Dental CAM 7 now has a Silent Mode for Grinding, by slowing down the machine and cutting with a less aggressive strategy the Dental CAM 7 is able to greatly reduce the amount of noise made by Grinding your Glass Ceramics.

Updated More advanced Milling Strategies

Dental CAM 7 now cuts objects faster by optimizing the machining paths and feed rates, many users see a 10-15% Reduced Machining Time.
In the past users had to cut indications that were not specifically available by using the full anatomical crown option, we have now also optimized the software by adding specific indications for the following object types.
• Snore Guards
• Secondary Crowns
• Screw Retained Bridges

New Chair Side UI

Now, you don’t have to deal with a huge amount of functions and features that you don’t need and you get more data that does matter like you client’s name for instance. This goes the full distance, the data you need when you need it. When a job is completed the jobs are deleted from the machine, no unnecessary dealing with materials that you have already cut.

3D Nesting Views & Custom Color Layers

Dental CAM 7 now supports 3D viewing and rotation of nested objects, this 3D view also includes a user defined number of layers letting you better control the objects placement and shading.

One Touch Import of Old Blanks

Upon installation, Dental CAM 7 includes a one touch one time import of Dental CAM 6’s disc library, making the transition from Dental CAM 6 to Dental CAM 7 simple and easy without losing information or wasting material and time.